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Join the Women of BSV on our journey to uncover the truth about the world’s most misrepresented, suppressed, and under-valued asset, Bitcoin SV.

Bitcoin SV stands for Bitcoin Satoshi's Vision and is the only version of Bitcoin that is still worked on and supported by Bitcoin's creator Satoshi Nakamoto (Dr Craig S Wright) himself.​

Bitcoin SV is closest in design to the original Bitcoin White Paper and is an ultra fast, ultra low fee, private but not anonymous, peer-to-peer, digital cash system. BSV has all the network effect advantages of BTC and Ethereum with none of the scaling issues or loss of utility caused by high fees.

With Bitcoin SV's near zero transaction fees, it's possible to transmit a single penny, and even split it between multiple recipients. The Bitcoin SV network can already process more than 50,000 transactions per second, so it's already faster than Visa!

Bitcoin SV is easily the fastest growing ecosystem in the blockchain economy with hundreds of exciting apps to try and more coming online daily. Tokens are easy and almost free to create, making Bitcoin SV both enterprise ready as well as empowering to the individual.

Come and join the conversation with us in the Women of BSV group today as we master new skills, make friends, have fun and learn what Bitcoin SV can do for us. Together we can do more!

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Some of the most popular apps & services on BSV
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What Can the Women of BSV Do For You Today?

Everything you need to get up and running with BitcoinSV fast!

Watch Interviews with People & Entrepreneurs in the BitcoinSV space

Ruth and Diddy, Rory, Korppi, Rachael and drop-in guest presenters, such as Lise Li and Rebecca Liggero Fontana interview the creators and commentators in the Bitcoin SV space in order to keep our viewers abreast of the fast pace of change in the world of Blockchain.

Find us on both Youtube and Streamanity. We also publish on some of the major podcast platforms.
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Learn to Earn Bitcoin

Diddy and Ruth show you how to get up and running earning BitcoinSV by demonstrating all the latest BSV apps and web sites on our Women of BSV channel on Youtube and Streamanity.

Make use of Referral links, NFTs, microtask apps and by leveraging your own Intellectual Property to earn more of the valuable, appreciating BSV asset.

We also make educational videos to assist in the general understanding of the BSV protocol and its associated legalities.
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WoBSV Agency

Hire us to build your next web site, or for video editing & production, logo & print design, digital marketing & branding consultancy services, recruitment assistance and strategic partnerships.

We make great marketing videos and animated adverts, design logos, and write and produce content. Need soft skills? We're here for you.

We're friendly, engaging, connected, experienced, driven and determined to deliver great value and results.
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Join Our Dedicated and Secure Slack Community

The Women of BSV host and moderate a secure, welcoming and laid-back Slack community. Make friends, chat, learn and find developers and colleagues for your projects, all in a secure, password-protected, friendly environment. We also have a private Twitter group available to join.

Add your email at the bottom of the page to request a WoBSV Slack invite.
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What is Bitcoin?

Dispelling the myths about Bitcoin. Explaining what it is and what it can do.

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